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Trad is Fab – Supporting Traditional Irish Music in Primary Schools

Trad is Fab – Supporting Music in Primary Schools

It is difficult to imagine Ireland without the cultural identity that has been formed through its unique language, music, dancing and sport.





Comhaltas is one of the cultural bodies charged with protecting our traditional assets, namely music, singing and dancing.

Throughout its existence over the last 70 years, we have developed many programmes for the promotion, curation and teaching of traditional Irish music and Irish dancing.

Within these disciplines, there is a rich variety of styles and presentations, all of which have been passed down through many generations across the island of Ireland.










One fantastic resource put together by the Comhaltas national organization is the “Trad is Fab” portfolio.  Spink Comhaltas have a small number of these packs available to primary schools in our area.











Our Music Awards programme in secondary schools will feature in a separate article.










The “Trad is Fab” portfolio has a comprehensive set of collateral to promote Irish music and culture.








Trad is Fab was created as a response to creating awareness in primary schools across the country to promote the different aspects of Irish music and dance. Professional design and creative agencies worked with Comhaltas, including their own musicians and educators, to develop a teaching aid pack that incorporated a teachers lesson guide along with posters and an interactive DVD.













If you are a Primary School Principal and would like one of our Trad is Fab packs, please contact us on the Contact Form on this site.