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Stella Lynch Award 2020

Stella Lynch Trophy

Congratulations to Niamh Nolan who has been presented with the ‘Stella Lynch’ award for 2020 for outstanding contributions as an under-age member of Spink Comhaltas.

Niamh Nolan – 2020 recipient of ‘Stella Lynch’ Award

In 2015, Spink branch was presented with a perpetual trophy by Michael Lynch in memory of his late wife Stella.

The ‘Stella Lynch’ trophy is intended to recognise an U18 member of Spink who has made an outstanding contribution to the branch, and who contributes to the overall spirit of Spink Comhaltas.

The contribution is not necessarily excellence in competitions, although this may be a factor.

Primarily, it is intended to recognise participation in Spink events, supporting others (either by encouragement or coaching), taking initiative, putting forward ideas, being a good role model for younger members, and making a positive contribution to an overall healthy and enjoyable atmosphere which we try to promote in Spink branch.

Previous winners have been nominated for the following reasons:

  • demonstrating commitment and passion, not being afraid to take on new challenges
  • demonstrating personal development over a number of years in terms of music
  • 100% reliability, and participation and commitment to supporting Spink events – from the least glamorous to the most prestigious
  • support and commitment to others – either in a quiet way by supporting and celebrating the achievements of individuals and groups, or sharing their own experience with others in terms of coaching, tips and general encouragement
  • being excellent role models for other Spink members and reminding us that what makes Spink successful is not winning medals in competitions but having a branch where people can learn to love music for life and playing and supporting others through music in a supportive and fun atmosphere.

The winners of the ‘Stella Lynch’ award to date are:

2020 – Niamh Nolan

2019 – Maeve Weston, Éabha Dowling-McDonald

2018 – Rachael Bonham

2017 – Mark Vesey, Ian Rowland

2016 – Maeve Murphy, Dara Clooney

2015 – David Vesey