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Spink Ceoltóir Awards 2022

#SpinkCeoltóirMedal In 2017, to recognise their commitment to Spink over a number of years, and to leave them with a momento of their time with Spink, Spink Comhaltas commissioned a special commemorative medal, the “Spink Ceoltóir” (Spink Musician) medal to present to junior members who turn 18. We hope that all of the recipients of this medal will continue their association with Spink into the future, either as an adult member and supporter, as a member of O18 groups and bands in the future, or reflecting the #SpiritOfSpink wherever they go, and knowing that they will always be welcomed at a Spink Seisiún. In normal circumstances, these medals would be presented in person to the receipients by Spink Comhaltas at our end of year party. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, this has not been possible, but the medals have been awarded in any case. Congratulations to all the recipient and thank you for your contribution over the years. Ceoltóirí Spinc 2022
  1. Katie Aylward (photo not available)
  2. Bronagh Clooney
  3. Éabha Dowling McDonald
  4. Laura Vesey
  5. Molly O’Rourke
  6. Hannah Dunne