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Spink awarded Bursary from Department of Education

Spink Comhaltas is very appreciative to be awarded a Non-Mainstream Music Education Bursary from the Depart of Education as part of our recent grant application.  This bursary of €2,000 will be invested directly in purchasing additional music instruments for our music instrument bank.

The music instrument bank in Spink Comhaltas is very comprehensive and is intended to allow junior musicians in Spink to have access to high quality music instruments at a low cost at the start of their journey in music.

Purchasing musical instruments  can be a significant outlay for parents, and sometimes children need the opportunity to try out an instrument before being sure that that instrument is for them.

Our music bank allows low cost access to good quality instruments, and we rent out instruments to our musicians for up to 2 years, at which point they have reached a good level of expertise and are ready to invest in their own instrument.

Our music instrument bank comprises almost 50 instruments and includes fiddles, concertinas, button accordions, concert flutes, starter uileann pipes, harps, piano, drums, banjos. mandolins, mandola, bouzouki, violas, cellos and guitars.