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Fleadh Cheoil Trophies Sponsored by Spink Comhaltas


In 2014 at an awards night in Abbeyleix the branch had three trophies presented. 

Two were in memory of past members who passed away whist being an active member of the branch. PJ Kennedy and Sarah Kelly. The third was to celebrate the success of Spink Comhaltas own Ballyroan Half Set.

PJ Kennedy Trophy

The PJ Kennedy Trophy

The PJ Kennedy trophy was presented in honour of PJ Kennedy who was a well known and well liked member of Spink Comhaltas.
His past dancing achievements include an all Ireland Gold medal winning dancer U-14 in a full set. He had many other medals and trophies. He was a qualified Maths teacher and an active and outgoing member of the community in general. He travelled internationally with his dancing including Greece, Turkey and Russia. He passed away at the age of twenty six in Australia in the year 2000. He was a very experienced all round dancer.
The trophy presented is that of a silhouette of a lone dancer. This trophy will be competed for now very year by enthused dancers with a similar love of dance and music similar to that of PJ.

Sarah Kelly Trophy

The Sarah Kelly Trophy

The Sarah Kelly trophy was presented Martin & Mary Kelly. Sarah Kelly was a member of the Kelly Ceili band, performing with her sister and two brothers and father Martin. Sarah was a well respected musician who dancers loved to perform with.
One of her many highlights was travelling to Europe on a cultural tour. This included performing live on French TV and touring France as part of a touring group, displaying our culture and heritage for all. She was a very capable and competent musician who loved to perform.
She played the piano and piano accordion often well into the early hours perfecting her skills and repertoire. She passed away in 1997 after a hard battle. The trophy presented, represents a concertina and now will be competed for every year to remind the performers of her love for music and life.

Ballyroan Halfset Trophy

Leinster Fleadh Dancing Trophy in honour of the Ballyroan Halfset – Set Dancing


There are several other trophies presented in the past on behalf of the branch to the county Board.

Maura Shanahan Cup

Maura Shanahan Cup – Dancing

Maura was famous in her own right for her dancing school which travelled all over the world. She was an active member in the early years of Spink Ballyroan Comhaltas as it was known then.  She was very involved in the tutoring of junior and senior set dancers who claimed all Ireland titles.

Frances McGrath Memorial Cup

Frances McGrath Memorial Cup – U 12 Duets

Frances was involved with Spink Comhaltas from an early stage, serving in all main positions, Treasurer, secretary and Chairperson. She managed and coordinated classes for many years in Spink hall. She encouraged and instilled a great love of traditional Irish music in all children who participated.

Denis Mullhall Memorial Trophy

Denis Mullhall Memorial Trophy – Fiddle Slow Airs 15-18

Denis was a noted fiddle player and a member of the Ballypickas Brass band and Spink Comhaltas. He held the position of Branch President for many years. He enjoyed participating in local music session, and particularly cherished the memory of playing with the Spink Comhaltas group on the Kenny live show in 1991.

Paddy McDonald Memorial Cup

Paddy McDonald Memorial Cup – Bodhran 15-18

Paddy was a member of Spink Comhaltas branch for many years. He worked effortlessly, encouraging all of the youth to get involved in song and dance. He played the mouthorgan and loved to sing, his party piece was “The Bright Silvery light of the Moon”

image Brendan & Eileen Reilly Trophy

Brendan & Eileen Reilly Trophy – Uileann Pipes 15-18

Brendan and Eileen Reilly were founder members of Spink Comhaltas and have represented Spink Comhaltas in Set Dancing for the last 40 years winning numerous All Ireland titles.  This trophy was awarded in 2017 to Laois Comhaltas for the Uileann Pipes 15-18 competition.